Curious Minds

I have been driving a German car for about a year; the drive and ride were great, but there was one thing that was bothering me. A constant rattling coming from the passenger  Read more

truck flow;

Turbulent Flow Around Truck

We want to examine the flow over a typical cargo truck. In this post, a 2-D model is created to run an initial simulation of the flow. The mesh is more detailed on the top side of  Read more

Success at the 2017 Plastics in Automotive Conference

MindMesh had a great turnout at the 2017 Plastics in Automotive event in Detroit. The conference focused on the emerging trends in auto industry. Among the many interesting  Read more

Rob Neumann talks MindMesh and 2017 on "The Price of Business" on Bloomberg Radio

Rob Neumann talks MindMesh and 2017 on "The Price of Business" on Bloomberg  Read more

MindMesh Sponsors IADD technology Forum-MWD

Last month MindMesh was able to attend and sponsor the International Association for Directional Drilling’s annual Technology forum. The topic was measurement while drilling  Read more

Technology in Oil & Gas

What is O & G looking for? Advances in exploration and production of oil & gas has required extensive use of multi-disciplinary engineering, analytical and numerical  Read more

My Journey in Oil & Gas

About 10 years back when I decided to move from a predominately automotive career to the Oil & Gas industry, I was told by several colleagues and clients that shifting to the  Read more

Cup Holder that actually holds your cup!!!!

How many of you have had accidental spills in cars? Drinks and coffees spilling especially your venti drinks? Well I have had the misfortune to experience such spills with my  Read more

Doodling with 3D Simulation

My kids got a new toy called the 3D DOODLER that helps them create 3D shapes out of plastic material with a handheld pen. This pen melts the plastic allowing them to design shapes  Read more

Appointment of our new President

MindMesh Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dilip Amin as President of the company effective January 2016. Mr. Amin brings more than 25 years of relevant industry  Read more

Raju Gandikota will be speaking at the IADD on March 24th

Raju will be sharing his experience on modeling power sections in drilling mud motors and improving its reliability through simulations  Read more

Short course on Numerical Modelling in Oil & Gas

Raju Gandikota, CEO MindMesh Inc teaches a Short course on Numerical Modelling in Oil & Gas at Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona, April 13-15,  Read more