SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference – North America

Raju will be attending and speaking at the SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference September 13th – 14th in Midland TX. Where he will be discussing his  Improving Drilling Reliability Through Advanced Drilling Dynamics Models.


Advances in numerical modeling enable evaluation of BHA performance under much more realistic downhole conditions. This paper discusses the advancements in the evaluation of directional drilling tools using advanced Time Domain Analysis (TDA). For example, time domain models allow exploration of the full range of BHA response under downhole conditions including the effects of formation changes. Drilling dysfunctions including stick-slip, whirl, and dynamic lateral vibrations can be realistically predicted before drilling. TDA models allow drilling engineers to explore the design space and also explore operating conditions to optimize performance and reliability of the BHAs.

This work describes a newly implemented TDA model based on rigid body dynamics (RBD) solved by finite element methods (FEM) to model drilling dysfunctions. The approach is significantly more accurate and faster compared to conventional models. Also shown is how the TDA model successfully predicted several drilling dysfunctions before drilling and reduced NPT. It is also used to analyze post drilling job cases and explain issues observed in the field.